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Hello, I'm
Damon Simpson

Senior PPC Manager in London


  • Name: Damon Simpson
  • Email: damonrobertsimpson@gmail.com
  • Phone: 07479926537
  • Date of birth: 18th May
  • Address: Camden Town, London
  • Nationality: British

Professional Profile

Digital Marketing, it’s expanding and rapidly changing, and I love being part of such an expanding and forever changing field. I have been lucky to have worked with global enterprises, down to small medium business markets, including B2B and B2C, from managing £50 to multi-million pound monthly budgets.

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Just My Awesome Skills

Over 9 years’ experience of taking businesses to the digital world, whilst expanding those that are already there; from client facing, to design and development, through to specialising in digital marketing. This includes Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Facebook Advertising, Digital Strategy Development, Google Analytics, Content Strategy Analysis, Google Ad Manager, Business Development and Advanced Excel Report Builds. My achievements to date include getting highly competitive sites to rank organically number one, whilst also creating, managing and optimising multi million pound ppc accounts across AdWords, Bing and Facebook, which have delivered on-time, on-budget and 2 months before the pre agreed profitability objectives.

AdWords Search

Expert, 8 years

Bing Search

Advanced, 3 years

Technical Expertise

Expert, 9 years

Facebook AdVertising

Intermediate, 3 years


Knowledge is power.

  • Google AdWords
    (Advanced Search Certified)
  • Bing Ads
    (Accredited Professional)
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    (Link Building)
  • Google Double Click Certified
  • Google Ad Manager (DFP)
  • E-commerce Platform
  • Advanced Excel Report Builds
  • Web Usability
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Paid Advertising
  • Video Editing


9 Years Experience!

My achievements to date include getting highly competitive sites to rank organically number one, whilst also creating, managing and optimising multi million pound ppc accounts across AdWords, Bing and Facebook, which have delivered on-time, on-budget and 2 months before the pre agreed profitability objectives.

Worldwide Marketing Agency

Senior PPC Manager

July 2014 - Now
Successfully leading and managing a PPC team; creating and rapidly expanding multimillion-pound PPC campaigns, across AdWords, Bing and Facebook, ensuring all ROI objectives are met, including CPA and Cost:Profit targets, whilst also ensuring objectives are met on-time and on-budget.
Damon Simpson - Sri Lanka

Marketing Consultant

Jan 2014 - July 2014
Working on behalf of a UK (London) marketing agency, managing, consulting and reporting back on digital marketing activities.
Betway Group

SEO / PPC Account

Jan 2012 - Jan 2014
Successfully creating and managing £1m+ PPC campaigns ensuring all KPIs are met, including CPA targets whilst also ensuring high quality traffic to ensure an overall good ROI (Google, Bing and Facebook).
Successfully increasing the natural SERP positioning for gambling related terms.
DRS Web Media

Digital Marketing

2011 - 2012
Designing and modifying existing CMS to meet the clients’ requirements, primarily for start-up companies including hospitality, leisure and the industry sector, both B2C and B2B targeting, whilst also managing HullVibe, a local what’s on guide, promoting events, generating profit from affiliate marketing, ticket sales, and display advertising within the site.

Digital Marketing

2010 - 2011
Managing SEO, PPC and Social Media for small to medium enterprises within different industries including Hospitality, E-Commerce and the Industry sector, at a B2B and B2C level.
DMGT Northcliffe Media

Regional Digital &
Response Technician

2008 - 2010
Monitoring response, managing expectations and tracking marketing activity for motors.co.uk, and managing and driving response for all advertisers across all North East “this is” sites, managing placement advertisements via DFP and Atlas Manager.

Visual Merchandiser

2004 - 2007
Visual Merchandising, Display & POS instore, along with research and analysis, with an end of product recommendation thesis for the marketing procedures for their new wilkoplus.com website (launched 2007), along with research and indepth analysis into their existing instore audience vs the target audience for online (University Dissertation)


Just My Education

Educated within all fields of digital marketing, including paid search, display advertising, user usability and psychology, web development, including html, css, php and asp, along with design, video editing and animation.

University: Oxford
College of Marketing


CIM Cerfication in Marketing
The primary role of strategic marketing is to identify and create value for the business through strongly differentiated positioning – by influencing the strategy and culture of the organisation in order to ensure that both have a strong customer focus. Strategic marketers should champion the customer experience and exert a strong influence on the organisation to adopt a customer orientation, contribute along with other directors and senior managers to its competitive strategy, align the organisation’s activities to the customer, and manage the organisation’s marketing activities.
University of Lincolnshire

BSc (Hons)
Web Technology

Creative Technologies, Information Systems, Introduction to User Interfaces, Introduction to Web Technologies, introduction to online marketing , Database Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Networks and Network Systems, Project Management, Web and Server Technologies, Problem Solving, Social Computing, Software Development, Social Applications Development and Professional Management. (HESA Number: 0000063546750)
University of Lincolnshire

HND Computing

software engineering, computer systems architecture, operating systems architecture, project management, problem solving and imperative programming, object oriented programming, Information architecture, systems requirements and specifications, communications and security, systems software and data types, structures and algorithms (HESA Number: 048072920)
Microsoft Bing


Microsoft Bing Ads Accredited Professional Status - Accredited Professional Status 2014

Advanced Search

Google Advertising Fundamentals - 94% | Google Search AdVanced - 88%


Hippodrome Casino

Senior PPC Manager - Working closely with the client, building a business plan for their online presence: including PPC and SEO audit, preparation and implementation. This includes identifying on-site obstacles, such as internal pages being uncrawlable, through to planning, and implementing their PPC campaign, ensuring realistic CPA’s and ROI’s are met.


Senior PPC Manager - Taking ownership of the account: managing and implementing new strategies, and exploring new channels, whilst also A/B testing new landing pages, and applying new account structures, to ensure maximum coverage.

Bingo On The Box

PPC Account Manager - Implementing and expanding their PPC campaign across Google and Bing, whilst also preparing, implementing and managing their paid Facebook Ads

Dream Bingo

PPC Account Manager

Spin Palace


M and D Online

Digital Marketing Manager including PPC (Manual Bidding)

Find a Property

Regional Digital Response Manager


Regional Digital Response Manager - Liaising with internal and external parties to achieve the best media solutions, including working to improve their current media plans and spends across both in-print and online.

MC Medical

PPC (Manual Bidding) /SEO Account Manager

Fish 4 Dogs

E-commerce Implementation via Oxatis

Lifestyle Bathrooms

Designed via PhotoShop and Illustrator, Developed in XHTML / CSS / JavaScript

Wadsworth Osteopaths

Web Development - CMS via ASP.Net/MS SQL using Visual Studios

5 Senses Charity

Web Development - XHTML / CSS

Accounting Solutions

Web Development - XHTML / CSS / Java

Local World (Northcliffe Media)

Regional Digital Response Manager

Leicester Mercury (Northcliffe Media)

Regional Digital Response Manager

Thisishull (Northcliffe Media)

Regional Digital Response Manager

San Luca (italian Restaurant)

Marketing Manager - Planning, implementing and managing all of their offline and online marketing, including in-print planning, social media, PPC (both search and display) and SEO.

MailGoFind (Directory)



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